Treating eczema at home with natural remedies

Eczema sometimes also referred to as dermatitis is a kind of skin problem which is basically an inflammation of skin. Its characteristics are crusting and weeping red patches. The real difference between eczema and dermatitis is that eczema is chronic while dermatitis on the other hand is acute.

Causes and symptoms of eczema

The cause and symptoms of eczema vary. Eczema can be caused by any irritant, especially any chemical, solvents, detergents or may be caused by smoke. But the general cause of eczema is heredity. The symptoms consist of redness in the affected area, itching, roughness and flaky skin, sometimes tiny bumps and blisters appear or may be triggered by problems with blood circulation in the affected area. It especially becomes severe at the skin folds and lead to some amount of inflammation too. Eczema is generally seen to occur in the children under 5 years of age.

Remedies and solutions provided for the treatment of eczema

The remedies for this skin disease includes dietary changes, herbal remedies and prescription drugs. It is seen and carefully been observed that a good combination between the prescriptory drugs and home remedies give an efficient output in curing the disease at a fast rate.

Home remedies to the problem

Spearmint leaf juice is known to be one of the natural remedies for eczema. Grinding spearmint leaves and making a paste which can be applied directly to the affected skin area is one of the options for curing the disease. Another good known cure to the problem is coconut oil and an application of coconut oil to the affected area which in turn moisturizes the area is of great help in the problem. Cold compresses can also be used as a home remedy for the skin and it will reduce the itchiness of the area while the cold compress will leave the area dry so utmost care must be taken in the case to keep the area moist. Milk compress is also helpful and a small cloth soaked in milk can be used to moisturize the area. Apart from these sunbath and steam bath can also be very helpful in the treatment of the disorder.

Not everyone’s skin will have the same response to the home remedy for eczema provide above. Therefore, it is always good to be in touch and get a response from a good physician for a fast and in time treatment of dermatitis. Other home remedies include the use of camphor and sandalwood paste for the treatment, but this remedy is not widely used but it is a good remedy indeed. The use of vitamins diligently and the proper intake of vitamins, including the vitamin A, B and c will definitely be very helpful in the production of new skin and healing of the area and treatment will occur in a speedy manner. Apart from the home remedies steroid creams can also be used in combination with the above mentioned technique to efficiently cure the problem of eczema. Antifungal creams are also helpful incurring it.